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once I get up I will rock, never stop
23 February 2011 @ 04:16 pm

That's right, I finally thought about posting a journal to notify everyone that this is, in fact, friends only!
Only super-cool kids get to see this.
I'm more then willing to be friends though. :] Comment/message away! ♥♥
If you are, in fact, considering friendship, see if we have something in common!
Kamenashi Kazuya/KAT-TUN
Jiyong/G-Dragon/Big Bang
Kim Bum
Utada Hikaru
Koda Kumi
Dramas: Japanese/Korean
Music: Japanese/Korean/English/Occasionally Others; (I won't list because it'll take a whole entry)
Japanese Language/Culture
Graphic making/admiring
Taking pictures
Stalking bands that I enjoy (see first few)
...to list a few.

once I get up I will rock, never stop
22 September 2009 @ 12:35 pm
 College has totally swept me away.

First thing first, schedule!
Monday: 8-8:50 Political Science (American Government)          10-10:50 (Stellar Astronomy)      2-2:50 (Japanese)
Tuesday: 2-2:50 (Japanese)     4:30-5:50 (Math)
Wednesday: 8-8:50 Political Science (American Government)          10-10:50 (Stellar Astronomy)      2-2:50 (Japanese)
Thursday: 8-9:50 (Astronomy Lab)     2-2:50 (Japanese)     4:30-5:50 (Math)
Friday: 8-8:50 Political Science (American Government)          10-10:50 (Stellar Astronomy)      2-2:50 (Japanese)

For Math I'm usually out by like, 5-5:10, which is sweet. It's all algebra/pre-calc, so i never do my homework and have a 100 average. :p Also Japanese is a breeze...the teacher is sooo cute though, I loveee her. And since I always know everything, she always asks me to explain. Rofl. I totally wanna work with her. She's a grad student, like all the Jap teachers. My Astronomy teacher is hilarious; he has an accent, so, ie, Earth = Eerrss. Hahahaha. And it's interesting, once I get past the physics.. =A=; Polisci is....ughhh. BUT I got a 92 on the first testtt!!! So, If I keep this up, I'll have like a 3.8 gpa, which is WICKED SWEET. 

The campus&weather is gorgeous; I'll post pictures sometime. Fall maybe. BECAUSE THERE'S ACTUALLY A FALL UP HERE!!

I made some friends pretty fast. I'm proud of myself! I'm bff with this one girl, who also likes my music...we just get along well. :3 Now I'm like bff with the Dulles validictorian looooool. But I need to make friends that aren't Pre-Med majors...they study too much. >A< I'm trying!!

At first, when people were asking me where I was going/why I'm at Tech, etc etc, I was really defensive about how I "got into UT but chose Tech for better reasons." Now...I'm so glad I'm not going to UT. I know I wouldn't be as outgoing/make friends if I went there; I'd just be a number. After seeing how the fans treated our band at the game last saturday, I am so glad to not be associated with that. Better school my ass. It's just bigger. My advice: Don't get swept into the UT/A&M rule. You know, the Texas constitution gives them, and only them, money every year. How effed is that?

I do miss Houston though. There's tons of stuff to do here, but I just loveee my bigs cities. I'll appreciate it more from now on. >3< 

So I noticed yesterday, as I was going to work out, that 90% of the guys I notice as attractive....are Asian. =__= wtf. I so have yellow fever. Which sucks, because asian guys never go for white girls. Sigh. Oh well! Although I know I've been more boyfriend-wanting lately, it's not a priority, so whatever~~ 

Ughhh I want to download sooo bad. =A= It's killing me! I'm almost out of downloaded dramas, and am a whole month or so behind in my music. ;A; I rewatched an episode of Hana Kimi the other day though, and I'm hooked onto the theme song (Ikenai Taiyou) again. Haha. I haven't listened to Orange Range in awhile, so that is keeping my busy I suppose~

I can't think of too much to say anymore! I've fallen so far out of fandom...I just check entertainment news now, and listen to the music. It makes me a little bit sad, but, well, what can I do? :'D I still love my bands, but I just can't follow it anymore. Without it, I kinda feel like, "what to do?" I can't play around in photoshop anymore, since I don't have it D<, so I've been playing online games and watching dramas like no other.

Ahhh, time for Japanese! 
Current Mood: melancholymelancholy
Current Music: Ikenai Taiyou - Orange Range; Wannabe - Epik High